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El Paso ACE Inspectors 5 Star New Construction House Inspectors
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The Early Years

El Paso ACE Inspectors 5 Star New Construction House Inspectors
The Early Years:
His Grandfather encouraged him at a very early age to design and build by bringing him discarded vegetable crates to use as his building materials. His Grandfather also allowed him to dig into his coffee can of fasteners and told him that every bent nail he found and straightened, he could use. Mr. Benson to this day is a master at straightening bent nails. Over the years of growing up and working with his Grandfather, Mr. Benson accumulated many tools and the skill to use them. His youthful years culminated with his “Soap Box Derby” that he designed, built and rebuilt for three competing years (1967, 68 & 69) in El Paso Texas.
Young Benson and His Soap Box Derby
Benson's 1969 Soap Box Derby
El Paso TX
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Benson's Career in 3 Periods

Inspecting El Paso Since 2005
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El Paso ACE Inspectors 5 Star New Construction House Inspectors

Period 1:
After earning his way through the UTEP engineering school working as a finished carpenter and cabinet maker, Mr. Benson opened a Woodworking & Design Shop in 1980. During the 80s three newspaper articles as well as four magazine articles featured his story and two of his designs became national winners published within the prestigious design books, Fine Woodworking Design Book 3 and 4.
Benson's Design Book Four Winning Entry
Fine Woodworking
Design Book 4
Benson's Winning Design
Period 2:
At the end of the 80s, Mr. Benson was recruited into an automotive manufacturing company’s research and development department. It was over the next 15 years he designed product components, machines and manufacturing processes that earned him seven U.S. patents, one European patent and three German patents.
One of Benson's U.S. Patents
One of Benson's US Patents #US20020045096
Period 3:
In the mid 2000s, Mr. Benson started freelancing his manufacturing skills to various manufacturing companies while he simultaneously opened ACE Inspectors. His carpentry knowledge, his engineering degree as well as his patent winning design skills allowed him to develop ACE Inspectors into El Paso's 5 star new home inspection company! Scroll through the Reviews Page, read the reviews dating back to 15 years and see for yourself!
Inspecting El Paso Since 2005
Inspecting El Paso
Since 2005

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Google Review

(With Code Compliance)
Inspecting El Paso Since 2005
El Paso ACE Inspectors 5 Star New Construction House Inspectors
Written by: Jessica Perez
If you want someone that will take his time and give you GREAT customer service, Mr Benson is your guy. He was very detailed in our home inspection, went the xtra mile, and we felt so confident we got out monies worth. Definitely recommend him to anyone and will use his service again in the future. Thank you Mr Morgan for an excellent job and customer service. The Reyes Family
Premium Home Inspection
Date published: 02/10/2020
5 / 5 Stars

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